VOTE  HUMAN  APE  (Stay  In  Your  Crate)


The fist smashed red button, it's a vision of hell

When possible target are you

High tech computers watching us from the sky

The enemy maybe it's you

Unholy wars in the name of the peace

You see every day on T.V.

How lucky you feel when you rest in a safe home

Drink coke and make barbeque



Creeping your life!


No more hope

There is no joke, but you can see that

Dope (drop by drop), feel the rope

Can't notice that 'cose you act like a dog!


Down on, from your knees

Can't smell the history breeze


Vote human ape!

Be the next hero!

They (soon) switch you to zero

Vote human ape!

Be other zero!

Stay in your crate and lick your ego!


They seat at their tables, designing your future

They laugh about your worm attitude

Had one micro solution for all humankind

Political reason they don't talk about!


The soldiers of fortune hunting a child

Who carry's a bomb from his mom

Over your safe walls watch this on screen

Next time the target is you!

I've seen it

Rumbling thunder in the sky

I dream it

Nightmare shaking the ground


Thousands of bombers with thousands of man

Bring havoc and destruction

They drop their load and go back for tea

The city's collapsed on fire


Ran now!

Hide underground!

Pray loud!

There is no shame!


Up there

Sky's like a Christmas tree

But there is no joy

It's the beauty of ugly


Millions of tracers, a forest of search lights

Long white fingers in night

They catch a damned bomber and set it on flames

Like flowers they bloom in the sky


Air raid!


Run for your lives!

Run like hell!

Remember the last time!

You must live to tell!


Pay check today, you've earned a living

You think about of going home

You paid the bills, the wretched mortgage

Buy gas, some food then liquor store


Everywhere you go

Travel, game or show

Everything you plan

They know what you've done



It's what they say


It's what they pay


It's what they do



You call someone

Access the net

The dental records

The cash you spent

Programs you watch

Who's born or died

You think you're private

They are on line!


They always reach you dead center

They must listen your thoughts

They'll say it's no inference

Friends say you're paranoid


Even if you're right, there's no ending to speak of

Nothing to concede, everybody pays toll

Live your fuckin' life, undestand what the rules are

Stupefied and dumb, you're no help at all

Governments don't last, power is corrupting

They ram this and that in your head and soul

Live a day on high wings, or a life an asshole

Who will give a fuck when you're dead and gone!


Time change people

Even (when) they found their peace

The life inside them

Failing piece by piece

I'm standing in the shadows

I'm watching them, survive...

Marching on the road of doom


Pain inside

Twisted mind

The march of the loose

On this endless road

Who brings us no hope


More pain inside

Poor twisted mind

The loosing march

On this endless road

God gave us no hope...


Always in trouble

Badluck on my side

Searching in darkness

To know the reason why

Fight with desillusions

Gos knows what i'm to expect

Dreaming about heaven, can't get.


He's a bad boy brother

Lives just east of town

Heavy metal rocker

Plays with his own band

Rides a motorcycle

It's a piece of junk

Got his little harem

Some say he is scumbag



Bring on the booze!


Light up the fuse


A truck load of beer

Just to write a song

Had once an idea

About a dead dog

People were amazed

When it climbed to top

Had a call from some boss

Contract for a star


Twenty years later

George was president

Big shot oil business

Made war for his friends


So damn cold

Can't hear the noise

I miss my music

I miss you all


Can't play guitar

Don't seem to touch it

It's all so near, oh

The joy to watch it


What's going on?

Can anybody hear me?

Send me a sign

Brother! Yeah!


Sometimes i see the flashing lights

The memories of what we did

You live for me and get more done

The legacy of our deeds

Raise your glass and drink for me

Keep rolling, fighting, you hold the key

True music bursts with energy

Remember how it's used to be


Enter the zone now

Who troubles your mind

Forget the past friend

You're just a beam of light


Relieve the stage

Hear the crowd roar

It's all so near

It's all so bold


You lied to us

You sold us shit

We had no heat

Nothing to eat


You gave your pigs

All that they need

They squalled on you

And changed the rules


They dragged you down

And took the power

They made new rules

New cheats no sorrow


You had some trial

Sentenced to death

You fooled the world

You sick old man!


We shot you dead

On X-mas day

You're with your own now

You burn in hell


Whacha gonna do

Whacha gonna do now (motherfucker)

Whacha gonna do

Whacha gonna do (you stupid motherfucker)


Stars shinig on the sky

The mariachi, they play, we dance

Tomorrow we fight, maybe die

Tequila flows and the girls laugh


At dawn we strike the train

Guns blaze, senior just hurry

We kill colorados like flies

Nothing to lose maybe but our lives


They say we are a menace

You see compadre, we have great hearts!

We like the life, we like Villa!

We need 3 minutes to win a fight


At dawn we strike the train

Guns blaze, senior just hurry

Give everything you got

3 minutes only to win a fight!


Generations coming

Climbing for survival

In a world of fears

Hordes of new pretenders

Politicians, liars

Crushing bones and tears

Poised to strike for gold

Minds corrupt and twisted

Ride the waves and struggle

Domination, hunger

New batch of diseases

Spread across the globe


In my dreams of fear

In my dreams of power!


I tried to win, i tried to fight

So many years

I always had to have my head banged on the wall

The desperation, the ineption of the system

Was crushing everything i ever tried to sow

We light the fuse, we watched burn

We laugh and cheer

We don't concern for nothing, but our own

The state of mind of wreck or old is not concerning

But that awaits, the scythe, the death, the empty cold


In my dreams of fear

In my dreams of power


Endulge me now you freak and live the fucking room

Promoter of so called new crap music school

You don't know rock'n'roll, you carbon copy roach

Sit in your comfy chair and eat shit with a spoon


What do you say?

How do you play, you prick!

What do you think?

What do you do?


Burn down the office tonight

Start farming tomorrow

Charity work now it's time

Or join the army you moron!


Collecting dust in ears it's what you people do

You praise the greenback daily (that's what they like to do)

Got nothing in the world but scheme or lie or cheat

You small time music teacher, producer sack of shit!


Start looking for a job and be a decent man

Forget the fraud, pay taxes, visit the church again

You lucky bastard better don't show your face too soon

We'll blow your ass ballistic and dump it on the moon!

(On the dark side)



Femei, strajerei

Savantul cel mare e dus pe afetul de tun


O stare de fapt

Vise si intrigi tesute la capat de veac


Vin si pleaca crunti lacheii ce se-ndeamna toti la furat

Venetici cu limba sparta, frati cu Iuda, cad neincetat

Trec gealati noi ai puterii prin palatele de jad

Esti imortal frate Iuda in istoria de neam



Ridica eroi

Oameni incearca prin fapte sa fie cu noi


Unealta pe plac

Vintura anii si are tais neschimbat



Un om decis

Un altul ramine acuma decenii proscris


Fugim de trecut

Altii dicteaza ce-i bine intre Tisa si Prut