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Composed by members that were active in bands that were the elite of the 80`s Hard Rock scene M.S. brings very fresh music that in the same time is very heavy (you can feel even some thrash metal elements there). The production is very good and I can say that is the best I've ever heard coming from a Romanian UG band. The lyrics are mostly social, not being really my cup of tea. Some of the best songs here are: Alerg, Patrula, and Harap-Alb and the AC/DC tribute song Mami. In the Romanian scene today this kind of band was really needed, a pity that is not so well promoted and the "not so good" bands are, but that's it. (85/100)

Catalin Carlaont

Spell of Night'zine - Recenzia CD-ului M.S. Rugina Nu Moare